3.1 Login Router
Connect a phone or computer to the EZR33 router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. And log in to the router at the default router IP address

3.1.1 - Connect to Router

i. Wi-Fi Connection

After connected to the electrical outlet, the EZR33 router will automatically turn on the power. After the router successfully boots up, you can join-in the Wi-Fi hotspot Outdoor-WiFi-xxxxxx. The last six characters are the Wi-Fi module's Mac address.
The default Wi-Fi hotspot has no encryption. Connect to this Wi-Fi hotspot on a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

ii. LAN Connection

You can also connect a computer to the LAN port of the PoE adapter to access the Ethernet provided from the 4G router. When connecting to a secondary router, make sure to connect to the WAN port on the secondary router. Refer to LAN Cable / Router Mode.

iii. IP Settings


The DHCP server is enabled on the EZR33 router. DHCP is used to dynamically assign the IP address, gateway, domain name server, and other information to the connected devices. Below are the default DHCP settings.
Router Address (Gateway): Subnet Mask: (24) DHCP IP Pool: DHCP Lease Time: 12 Hours
If the DHCP function is activated on your device, it will automatically obtain the intranet IP and router IP addresses. Otherwise, you need to configure the IP addresses manually.

Static IP

Configure TCP/IP on your connected devices, make sure the IP address is within The subnet mask should be The router address should be
On iPhone: Goes to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced On Android phone: Goes to Settings > WLAN > Advanced On Mac: Goes to System preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced > TCP/IP
On Windows:
Goes to Start > Control panel > Network and internet > Change adapter setting (on left window panel) > Local area connection > Properties (right click) > TCP/IPv4 (Internet protocol version 4) > Properties > General.
Choose Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically Click OK to exit settings.
Click OK again in the Local area connection properties to apply the new configurations.

4.1.2 Login Router

After connecting your smartphone or computer to the router, open a web browser and type inhttp:// in the URL address bar. Use default password 🔑root or admin to log in to the EZR33 router admin.
Login EZR33 router at
If unable to access router admin with, please clear the cache on your browser or use the below complete URL path. 🔗
The default URL prefix is http:// instead of https://.
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