5.3 Traversal Cloud
Traversal Cloud is a secure NAT tunnel tool to provide remote control function on the 4G outdoor routers and connected hosts.
After enabling the Traversal Cloud, you can access and control the 4G routers anytime, anywhere, on a web browser. It offers the easiest way to look over your networks. None public IP address and DDNS configuration required. It’s completely free!
Working principle of Traversal Cloud

5.3.1 - Web Access

A web proxy is pre-built in the firmware. The traversal cloud is turn off by default. You can follow the below steps to enable it.
    Log in the router, go to Services > Traversal Cloud.
    Click the checkbox Enable, then click the button Save & Apply.
    Now you can access your router at the Cloud Address on a web browser.
Recommended to set up a strong router password (go to System > Administration) before enable the traversal cloud.

5.3.2 - Remote SSH

Remote SSH is an advanced tool to connect your router remotely via the command-line interface. It offers a flexible solution to integrate your router to various platforms.
    Log in the router, go to System > Administration and enable the checkbox of Gateway Ports. *You can change the SSH port.
    Go to Service > Traversal Cloud. Click the tab of Rules, click the Add button to add an extra SSH proxy.
    Configure the new proxy as the below parameters. Proxy Name: Use SSH_Router-Serial-Number *Must be unique! Type: Choose TCP Local IP: Use Local Port: Default 22. * The same as the router SSH port. Remote Port: Adjustable Privilege Mode: Must enable this checkbox.
    Click the Save & Apply button.
    Now you can access the router via remote SSH on an SSH tool.
#Example of remote SSH
ssh -oPort=6222 [email protected]

5.3.3 - Debug

If unable to access the cloud address, please check the below factors.
    Please ensure the traversal cloud has been enabled. After enabling the checkbox, please click the Save & Apply button.
    Before access the traversal cloud server, the router must have an Internet connection. Please check the Internet connection on the router.
    If you once turned off the traversal cloud function within a power cycle, please reboot the router to refresh the traversal connection session.
*** REMINDER ***
The traversal cloud is relay on the carrier's gateway. Some carriers might block the traversal technology. We do not 100% ensure the cloud address works perfectly. The traversal cloud is provided with free, and it's not involved in the outdoor router quality or working performance.
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