5.6 USB Drive
Connect a USB drive or USB disk to the EZR33 4G router and share files in the LAN network.
It requires to install a bundle of modules to support the USB drive and SMB protocol. Please install the EV3119 version firmware, which already intergraded the USB support modules.
EZR33 4G Router with USB Drive

5.6.1 USB and Format

The USB port on the EZR33 router provides 5Volt/500mA electric current. It can support USB2.0 standard USB drives and USB disks. It can not support USB3.0 devices, which require a current of 900mA.
The 4G router supports the USB drives in FAT, EXT4, and NTFS formats. It can automatically mount the FAT and EXT4 format. For NTFS format, we can mount it manually (refer to 5.6.2).

5.6.2 Mount USB Drive

Firstly open the router enclosure and plug in the USB drive in the USB port. If the USB drive is FAT or EXT4 format, the router can automatically detect it.
Access the router admin, go to the Mount Points tab under System. You can find the USB storage device listed below. On the Mount Points section, click the checkbox of Enabled to enable the USB drive.
USB Mount Points on 4G Router and Add Mount Entries
If the USB drive is in NTFS format, you can click the Add button and choose the USB drive by UUID, Label, or Device name. On the Mount point section, suggest using the overlay, the external overlay option.

5.6.3 Enable Network Share

After accessing the router admin, go to Network Share under the tab of Services. On the Shared Directories, input the SMB share settings as below.
Name: The folder name shows on the local networks. Path: The mount point of the USB drive. For example, we mounted the demo USB drive on /mnt/sda1. Read-only: If allow users to write files in the USB drive, please disable this checkbox. Allow Guests: Enabled this checkbox to access this folder easily from local networks. If there is sensitive data in the USB drive, please disable the guest checkbox and use the router password to access the folder.
Click the "Save & Apply" button and reboot the router to activate the new settings.
Share USB Drive on the 4G Router to Local Networks

5.6.4 Visit on Devices

After connecting to the 4G router's Wi-Fi hotspot or LAN Ethernet, we can access the shared USB drive on a computer or mobile phone.

- Windows Computer

Go to Network, click the hostname (OutdoorFile), it will go to the shared folder (ezr33). Double click the folder to access the files saved on the USB drive.
Access 4G Router Shared USB Drive from Windows Computer

- Mac Computer

Click "Connect to Server" on the "Finder". Input "smb://", then click "Connect" to access the shared folder.
Access 4G Router Shared USB Drive from Mac Connect to Server

- Android Phone

Some of the Android OS does not support access network files on the default "File" app. Please install an APP to access the network drives, such as "ES File Manager".


Go to default APP "Files", click the "..." button on the top right corner. Tap "Connect to Server" and input the router IP address Click the "Connect" button on the top right corner to access the shared drive on the 4G router.
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