5.5 Web Port

Guidance of how to change the Web GUI interface port on the EZR33L router.

The internet operators usually block 80 ports used by the web interface of the EZR33L router. To access the EZR33L router remotely on the public IP address, we need to change the port for the web interface.

When the router is turned on, access the command-line interface. Input the below command vi /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf. Now we are in the command mode of the VI editor.

  • Press i on the keyboard to enter the insert mode.

  • Scroll down to line No.89. The original code is #server.port = 81.

  • Delete # and change the server port to 880 for example.

  • Press ESC on the keyboard. Exit from the insert mode to the command mode.

  • Press : wq on the keyboard to save the file and exit to the SSH terminal.

Input the below command to restart Lighttpd server /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart.

######### Options that are good to be but not neccessary to be changed #######

## bind to port (default: 80)
server.port = 880

Now we should re-login the router admin at If the router has a public IP address, you can access the router at public-ip-address:880.

You can also use an SFTP client software, like WinSCP, to edit the Lighttpd.conf file.

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