2.5 Install Antennas

The EZR33L use MIMO antennas on both mobile and Wi-Fi connections.

There are four antenna sockets on the EZR33L router. Firstly, find the embossed numbers #1~6 on the enclosure.

#1 & 3 on the top side are for 4G antennas. #1 is the 4G main input port. #4 & 6 on the bottom side are for the 2.4G Wi-Fi antennas.

‌The antennas have engraved 4G or 2.4G text on one side of the hexagon connector.

Put 4G and 2.4G antenna on the corresponding socket and turn the hexagon part in the clockwise direction to tighten the antenna on the router. Make sure the antennas are installed tightly.

While installing the antenna, put the router device in a vertical or horizontal direction to avoid bending the pins in the antenna connector.

The default Omni antennas are polarized vertically. Please always use the antenna in a vertical direction.

Adjust the flat side to point towards the cell tower direction and get a bit better performance.

Upgraded Antenna

All of the base antenna connectors are N-female type.

If the 4G RSRP signal strength is below -105dBm (refer to step 2.2), suggest upgrading the 4G antennas to a directional LPDA antenna or MIMO panel 4G antenna and improve the signal reception.

If using on RV or boat, please upgrade to FRP or MIMO Omni antennas.

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